About Us

We are a private chiropractic clinic in London looking to provide high-quality and effective service for people requiring advanced chiropractic to solve deep muscle pains and stiffness. Our services are designed for patients needing physical rehabilitation for pain, stiffness or impaired movements.

Head of Doctor of Chiropractic

DC Keh Pin Koh

University of South Wales,
Welsh Institute of Chiropractic

English, Chinese, Malay

Why am I a chiropractor now?

During my teenage years, I was a highly active athlete, immersing myself in various sports including basketball and martial arts. The intensity of my involvement led me to proudly represent my state in numerous national competitions. These endeavors showcased my ability to execute impressive maneuvers like mid-air flips, graceful splits upon landing, and intricate aerial rotations. However, the captivating allure of these actions was accompanied by a downside – frequent injuries.

The rigorous demands of my chosen sports meant that injuries became a regular companion, necessitating frequent visits to a plethora of practitioners. My quest for relief led me to explore a range of treatments, from consultations with physiotherapists to sessions with traditional medicine doctors. Despite their best efforts, the outcomes often left much to be desired.

Then, a pivotal moment arrived when a family member introduced me to a chiropractor. Through just a handful of sessions, this chiropractor adeptly alleviated my pain, leaving an indelible impression. Witnessing the swift and substantial pain relief ignited a new sense of purpose within me.

From that point forward, the zealous teenager I once was transformed into a certified and skilled chiropractor. Armed with expertise and a commitment to healing, I eagerly step into the realm of chiropractic care in London. Whether the city is ready or not, a new chiropractic chapter has dawned.

Team Members

DC Gabriel Blake


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DC Arjun Rihal


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Service Standards

Joint & Spine Chiropractic Clinic London holds its professional standards to that of the world’s top chiropractic clinics and services. As such, we offer the following guarantees for all our patients

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Joint & Spine Chiropractic Clinic London is aware of its obligations to its patients as a medical practitioner. Patients can better understand our standing on client privacy in the terms of our service found below.